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Lightning to USB3 + USB to Ethernet

Using a combination of standard Apple adapters, it's possible to have a cabled connection that enables OSC, MIDI and Lemur Editor.

All you need is:

  • Apple Lightning to USB 3 adapter
  • An iOS device running 9.3 or later
  • An Apple USB to Ethernet adapter

Since the USB to Ethernet adapter requires power it might be necessary to use a power adapter otherwise you will get the dreaded “Not Enough Power” dialog box. In that case you would also need:

  • A Lightning Cable (For charging)
  • A USB charger


USB tethering is usually only possible with 3G/4G devices and a sim card with a data plan. It is also possible through jailbreaking your device and using MyWi, but Liine does not recommend or support this. USB tethering, once enabled, allows MIDI (via the Lemur Daemon), OSC and Lemur Editor communication.

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