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LiveControl 2 Troubleshooting


Make sure that you are running the correct version of LiveControl 2:

  • For Live 9.6 and above, use LiveControl 2.1.32
  • For Live 9.1.3 to 9.5, use LiveControl 2.1.31
  • For Live Live 8.4+ or Live 9.1.2 use LiveControl 2.1.3
  • For all previous versions of Live 9 use LiveControl 2.1

All LiveControl 2 downloads.

After that, it's a case of having the MIDI settings properly configured in Ableton / Preferences / MIDI Sync, as well as in Lemur. A typical configuration would be:

  • Control Surface: LiveControl 2 1 32
  • Input: Daemon Input 0
  • Output: Daemon Output 0


  • MIDI Target 0
  • Input: Daemon Output 0
  • Output: Daemon Input 0

Only Play page working

Follow instructions above to troubleshoot connection, pay special attention to Control Surface settings and using the correct version of LiveControl 2 for your version of Ableton Live.

Sequencer Page not working

To open a MIDI clip in the Sequencer page, tap the Select button on the Launch page. All MIDI clips will turn bright, tap the clip you want to edit. This will change the view to the Sequencer page with that clip loaded.

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